Blueprint Medicines 新藥物針對GIST抗藥性 BLU-285 最新消息:臨床試驗 (2016年5月24日)


Blueprint Medicines是一家生物製藥公司,主要通過基因組分析將激酶抑制劑與最適合治療的癌症相匹配,創建精準療法。公司目前主要有兩款產品,BLU-285和BLUE-554。BLU-285是一種針對胃腸道癌 (GIST) 的口服療法,而BLU-554用於治療肝癌。
Blueprint Medicines的BLU-285已於今年件中經進入第一期臨床試驗,有望於年底完成一期臨床,希望快速建立概念性驗證 (proof-of-concept),然後進入二期臨床。

Recently a number of companies have begun to develop therapeutic options that target some of the rarer mutations in GIST. As there are currently no approved treatments specifically for these patients, this is undoubtedly a positive development and a trend the LRG will both continue to watch and would like to see increase in the near future.

One example of such a company is Blueprint Medicines, who is currently running a Phase I clinical trial for BLU-285, a drug that targets both KIT Exon 17 and PDGFRA Exon 18 D842V mutations. BLU-285 was granted an orphan drug designation by the FDA in January of 2016, and their Phase I trial is currently enrolling patients in the dose escalation phase. In this phase, the goal is to determine the maximum tolerable dose (MTD) of the medication. Results from this trial are planned to be released by Blueprint by the end of 2016.

Blueprint Medicines to attend Life Fest

Blueprint will also be on hand at this year’s Life Fest, being held from July 15th – 17th in Redondo Beach, California. Representatives from the company will be on hand Saturday morning to participate in a breakfast roundtable and answer questions about the trial, the drug itself, and its potential therapeutic value to GIST patients with the specific mutations it targets.

To see a copy of the agenda for Life Fest, which includes this breakfast roundtable and lots of other extremely informative sessions and workshops, please go to

To learn more about the BLU-285 trial, including recruitment sites and a presentation from the 2015 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) meeting, please go to the LRG Clinical Trials Database.

source: The Life Raft group

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