GIST 關注日 – 2019年7月13日


Save the Date: GIST Awareness Day July 13

On July 13th, the Life Raft Group will be celebrating the third annual GIST Awareness Day! Every year, our goal is to increase awareness about GIST worldwide. This year, we are celebrating GAD with our H.E.R.O. Campaign, #Hero4Cancer. We need your support and assistance to Help Expedite Research Outcomes.

Cancer research is in trouble and needs heroes like you. Batman can save the day in Gotham City and Clark Kent can put on his cape to fight villains as Superman, but unfortunately, the fight against cancer is one they cannot help us win. That is where you and your extraordinary powers come in.

The Life Raft Group can help anyone become a patient-powered hero. One can start by donating their tissue, submitting their data, donating funds, spreading the word and advocating for tissue collection and increased funding for research. You can learn more about our new H.E.R.O. campaign and help us save lives by going to

The Life Raft Group will be holding GIST Awareness Day events at the Moores Cancer Center in San Diego as well as Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Both events will be held in the lobby of the institutions on July 13, from 10 AM to 3 PM, and will include activities focused on our H.E.R.O. campaign as well as the distribution of educational materials about GIST and the Life Raft Group. There will also be patient meetings held in Michigan and Iowa. Global meetings will be taking place in Mexico and Guatemala.

To learn more about these events, please visit

Anyone can hold their own GAD event as well! Visit to find out more about what you can do to help spread awareness. You may also reach out to Laura Occhiuzzi at to learn more.